Fire Service District #1


Beaver Fire District #1 serves the east side of Beaver County. Their services include fire fighting, fuel reduction, EMT and emergency response services.

Meeting Schedule

The District Board meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire House located at 1110 N Main. This schedule is not altered for Holidays.

If you have an agenda item or would like to meet with the board please contact the district secretary.

Building Rentals

The Beaver Ambulance Shed rents out their building for public and private uses; such as family reunions, work parties, class reunions, blood drives etc. If you would like to schedule a time or have any questions pertaining to building rentals please contact JENNIFER McILNAY for rental information (435) 418-0930.

Board Members

  • Seat No. 1 (County Commission Representative): Wade Hollingshead
  • Seat No. 2 (Term to expire December 31, 2023): Jack Erwig
  • Seat No. 3 (Term to expire December 31, 2021): Larry Weaver 
  • Seat No. 4 (Term to expire December 31, 2023): Walt Kerksiek
  • Seat No. 5 (Term to expire December 31, 2021): Nick Schenck
  • Seat No. 6 (Term to expire December 31, 2023): Owen Spencer 
  • Seat No. 7 (City Council Appointment) Robin Bradshaw
  • Seat No. 8 (EMT Director)  Jennifer McIlnay 
  • Seat No. 9 (Fire Chief) George Humphreys
  • Seat No. 10 (Attorney) Von Christiansen

  1. Jack Erwig

    Phone: (435) 421-1010

  2. Kathy Hendricks

    Phone: (435) 421-1910

  3. George Humphreys

    Fire Chief
    Phone: (435) 590-4713

  4. Beaver Fire Department

    Physical Address
    1110 N Main Street
    Beaver, UT 84713

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 566
    Beaver, UT 84713

  5. Jennifer Mcilnay

    Ambulance Service Director
    Phone: (435) 418-0930

  6. Ambulance Service

    Physical Address
    1090 N Main Street
    Beaver, UT 84713

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 549
    Beaver, UT 84713